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Backups with AWS

Our storage solutions are designed to deliver secured, scalable, durable storage for business and other organizations.

The Reiche Group is proud to offer comprehensive backup and recovery services for your business or organization. With our support, your files and internal systems will be safe and secure. Everything is designed to be scalable and durable, resulting in better success for you and your team backed by the assurance of our recovery support.

If you are looking to achieve efficiency and scalability within your file backup and recovery system, all without the need for an on-site infrastructure, then our cloud-based backup and recovery services will be perfect. 

Our storage solutions are also excellent for storing media content like video and audio files. Backup and recovery for these dense files is simple with our service, and we do all the heavy lifting without the need for an on-premise infrastructure. 

Our backup and recovery services allow you to only pay for what you need. There is no capacity planning, no advanced purchasing, and no large up-front payments required. You simply pay for the storage you need and get the full support of our backup and recovery service. The data remains secured, while you have greater control over your budget. 

You can count on us for data transfer with enhanced security and reliability. Our backup and recovery services ensure that transfers are secure over many different methods, including public internet or a direct connection. You can control where your data resides, choosing the location that best minimizes cost and latency and addresses your regulatory needs. With 11 regions available, you have complete control over your data. 

You deserve the best backup and recovery services available. Contact us the Reiche Group and discover how our cloud-based services will ensure greater performance for your information systems.