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Amazon WorkDocs

AWS Workdocs is a managed and secure enterprise storage and sharing service that gives you exceptional control over collaborative productivity. When using this system, team members can comment on files, creating a better flow of ideas and communications efforts. Users can upload new revisions as needed, all without emailing multiple versions of the document, which inevitably leads to confusion and less efficiency.

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Simple Document Feedback

Users can comment on files, send them to others for feedback, and upload new versions without having to resort to emailing multiple versions of their files as attachments. Users can comment on specific content in a file, reply to comments, send private comments, format comments for emphasis, and they can notify specific contributors about relevant feedback by tagging comments with their email address. They can also lock the document to prevent it from receiving further feedback. Amazon WorkDocs notifies contributors about review activities and deadlines via email, and offers rich versioning capabilities.

Central Hub

Amazon WorkDocs provides users with a central location with 1 TB of storage, for both the documents and files they are reviewing as well as those they own and are soliciting feedback on. With all these files in one location, reviewers can access all related feedback in a single view, making reading or contributing as simple as a few clicks. The Activity Feed helps users keep track of what’s changed, stay connected to what’s going on, and quickly find they files and folders they need to access.


Amazon WorkDocs offers flexible security settings and access controls to manage data storage and sharing. You can use policies to control users’ sharing behavior and choose the AWS region where your users’ data is stored. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and users don’t have to send documents as email attachments.

Access and Sync from Any Device

Users can access files stored in Amazon WorkDocs and view and leave feedback on files anywhere, anytime, from the device of their choice. Users can leverage the Amazon WorkDocs apps for iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android tablets. The Amazon WorkDocs Sync client lets users have files saved on their computer automatically uploaded to Amazon WorkDocs over an encrypted connection and synced across their other devices.

Integrate your Corporate Directory

Amazon WorkDocs can integrate with your existing Active Directory. This means that your users can easily access Amazon WorkDocs using their existing Active Directory credentials, and allows you to control which users in your organization are permitted to access the service.

Low Cost

Priced at $5 per user per month, including 1 TB of storage, Amazon WorkDocs is a low cost solution that is also fully managed. This means that there is no hardware to purchase and maintain and no software to deploy. You simply enable Amazon WorkDocs for your organization and invite users. A 30-day free trial for up to 50 users with 1 TB of storage per user is available to help you get started.